Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease, an age-related degenerative brain condition, triggers the deterioration of specific brain regions, prominently manifesting in slowed movements, tremors, and balance issues.

While the precise causes in most cases remain unknown, some instances are hereditary. Regrettably, Parkinson’s disease is incurable, placing a significant burden on those affected.


• Slowed Movements (Bradykinesia): A critical diagnostic symptom described as muscle weakness but attributed to muscle control issues rather than strength loss in Parkinson’s disease.

• Resting Tremor: Approximately 80% of Parkinson’s cases feature rhythmic muscle shaking even during inactivity, distinct from essential tremors that occur primarily during muscle use.

• Rigidity or Stiffness: Common symptoms encompass lead-pipe rigidity, constant stiffness during movement, and cogwheel stiffness, combining tremor and rigidity with a jerky, stop-and-go appearance.

• Unstable Posture or Walking Gait: Slowed movements and stiffness lead to a hunched stance and altered walking patterns, evident as the disease progresses, with shorter, shuffling strides and reduced arm movement.

Test & Diagnosis

• Clinical Diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease diagnosis primarily relies on clinical assessment, involving healthcare providers examining symptoms, questioning patients, and reviewing medical history.

• Diagnostic tests often serve to rule out other possibilities. Diagnostic Tests for Parkinson’s: Healthcare planner or healthcare providers may employ various imaging and diagnostic tests when suspecting or eliminating other conditions:

• Blood Tests: Useful for ruling out different forms of Parkinsonism.

• CT Scan: Employed for detailed imaging.

• Genetic Testing: Helps identify hereditary factors.

• MRI: Provides clear brain images.

• PET Scan: Measures brain activity to aid diagnosis.

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