Multiple Sclerosis

Ever heard of Multiple Sclerosis? It’s this possible troublemaker that messes with your brain and spinal cord – your body’s control center.

So, in Multiple Sclerosis, your immune system decides to go haywire and starts attacking this protective cover called myelin that wraps around nerve fibers. This leads to major issues with how your brain talks to the rest of your body, causing a whole communication breakdown.

Over time, this troublemaker Multiple Sclerosis can cause lasting damage and wear down those nerve fibers, creating some permanent issues. It’s like having a glitch in the system that messes up your body’s messaging service.


• Limb numbness or weakness, often on one side.

• Tingling sensations.

• Electric-shock feelings, especially when bending the neck (Lhermitte sign).

• Coordination issues.

• Unsteady walking or difficulty walking. • Fatigue and tiredness.

Causes & Risks

Causes of Multiple Sclerosis could be –

• The cause of Multiple Sclerosis is a mystery, but it’s like the immune system goes haywire, attacking its own stuff. This mix-up messes with the protective coating around brain and spinal cord nerve fibers.

• Age: Multiple Sclerosis can hit at any age but usually shows up between 20 and 40, though younger and older folks can get it, too.

• Gender: Ladies get hit more than guys, about 2 to 3 times more, especially with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

• Family: If someone in your family tree has Multiple Sclerosis, your odds of getting it shoot up. Infections: Some viruses, like Epstein-Barr (which causes mono), might be linked to Multiple Sclerosis, but the connection’s still a bit fuzzy.

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