Always Wanted to Be: Nearby Lifeguard Certification

lifeguard certification
lifeguard certification

Why Become a Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is an extremely rewarding career that allows you to help people in need while earning a paycheck. As a lifeguard, you get to work outside at the beach or by the pool during the summer months. Not only does it look great on a resume, but it also helps you gain valuable leadership and emergency response skills.

For many, becoming a lifeguard was something they always wanted to do from a young age. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride that comes from knowing you have the training to help save someone’s life. Whether you love the water or just want to work a fun summer job, lifeguard certification can open the door to many opportunities.

Find Lifeguard Certification Classes Near You

Searching for upcoming lifeguard certification near me is easy using the American Lifeguard Association’s website. Simply enter your zip code or city to view available dates and locations. Their national network of instructors allows opportunities for training across the United States.

When looking to “find lifeguard certification near me”, keep these tips in mind:

Browse Classes Within Driving Distance

Ideally you’ll want a class within an hour commute so travel time doesn’t interfere with the multi-day schedule. View options out to a 50-75 mile radius from your home to find convenient scheduling.

Check Dates and Times

Courses are offered on weekends as well as weeknights to suit varying schedules. Consider your availability and any commitments that may conflict before registering.

Reserve Your Spot Early

Popular classes in areas with lots of pools and beaches can fill up fast. Register at least a month in advance to secure your place and avoid being waitlisted.

Consider Variable Locations

Training may occur at pools, beaches, parks, YMCAs or other large bodies of water. The venue can impact availability so have an open mind about where you get certified.

Compare Programs and Prices

Scan the offerings to find classes at your preferred price point and dates. Costs vary slightly between locations, averaging $150-250 for the full program.

With a bit of planning, you’re sure to find quality lifeguard certification training offered nearby through the American Lifeguard Association. Let their nationwide network of instructors help you “find lifeguard certification near me” so you can start your exciting career in aquatics safety.

Popular Reasons to Pursue Lifeguard Certification:

  • Work a seasonal job at your local pool or beach
  • Gain experience useful for careers in public safety like firefighting or EMT
  • Stay active and outdoors while on the job
  • Enjoy being around water as a strong swimmer
  • Develop responsibility and gain work experience as a supervisor
  • Feel a sense of purpose in a role focused on safety
  • Earn extra money during summer break from school

How to Become Certified Near You

The American Lifeguard Association offers lifeguard certification courses throughout the year at locations across the United States. Their training meets national standards and prepares candidates for many entry-level lifeguard positions.

Certification Steps:

  1. Check the ALA website for upcoming classes near your zip code. Courses are offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  2. Register for a course and pay the registration fee, which includes all course materials and final exam. Prices vary by location but average $150-200.
  3. Attend the multi-day in-person skills sessions and complete online pre-course work. Candidates will be tested on water rescue skills, CPR/AED use, first aid, etc.
  4. Pass a final exam with an 80% or higher to become ALA certified. Certification is valid for 2 years with options to renew.
  5. Apply for open lifeguard jobs at pools, waterparks, community centers, and beaches once certified. Many employers accept the ALA certification.

Additional Requirements:

  • Must be at least 15 years old to enroll
  • Proof of previous strong swimming ability upon arrival (500 yards continuous swim)
  • Fitness sufficient to perform physical skills and respond in emergencies
  • Commitment to the full training schedule without absence

The ALA certification course prepares candidates to succeed in all aspects of open-water lifeguarding. With training locations all across the US, earning your certification has never been more accessible and convenient.

Stories From ALA-Certified Lifeguards

“I had always loved the water but never thought I could be a lifeguard until I found an ALA class near my high school. Going through the training gave me so much confidence in my swimming and rescue skills. Now as a certified lifeguard, I feel proud to play a role in water safety at my community pool each summer.” – Thomas, 19

“Growing up, I wanted to be a firefighter or police officer someday. Getting my lifeguard certification through the ALA two years ago has been great experience for learning emergency response protocols. The training wasn’t easy but has really helped me develop leadership abilities too. Now I have a really fun summer job while gaining experience for future public safety careers.” – Michael, 17

“As a college student, being an ALA-certified lifeguard has been the perfect summer job. I get to work outside, stay active on the job, and earn money to pay for my education. The online portion of the certification course made it very convenient while I was taking summer classes as well. I feel proud knowing I have the skills to help others enjoy the water safely.” – Emily, 21

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the ALA certification valid for?
Certification is good for 2 years from the date of completion. You can renew online by taking a basic water skills and CPR/AED refresher course.

Can I transfer my ALA certification elsewhere?
Yes, while requirements may vary, most facilities and employers accept the ALA certification nationwide in place of other programs like Red Cross. Be sure to check job postings for specific standards.

What is the pre-course swimming requirement?
Candidates must be able to continuously swim 500 yards using front crawl, breaststroke or a combination, and then be able to surface dive and retrieve a 10 pound object. This evaluates minimum swimming strength and stamina.

When is the next class near me?
Check the course calendar on the ALA website and search by your zip code. They offer programs throughout the year so there is usually an upcoming class locally within a month or two.

How long does the full certification process take?
Expect the initial certification to require approximately 40 hours total between online pre-course work, multiple days of in-person sessions, and testing. Renewals can often be completed within a single day. Read more information click here.

In Closure

Becoming a certified lifeguard is a great step for anyone who has always wanted a fun and rewarding summer job while making a positive impact. With convenient training locations nationwide, the American Lifeguard Association provides an accessible path to a career in aquatics and water safety. Their certification training develops valuable skills while preparing students to ensure safe and supervised recreational water environments.


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