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Offers for non-running or MOT-failing cars

The most difficult part of selling a car that is not in use or one that has failed its MOT is getting a fair value. Local online dealers often work with repair shops or recyclers of parts and are able to predict the likelihood to repurpose or sell the vehicle to make parts. This lets them offer a better price than you might receive from a private sale where buyers might be wary of the risk and additional investment.

You can begin selling your car on the dealer’s website by entering the details of your car and receiving a quote. A lot of dealers offer services like an online valuation tool, which can provide an immediate estimation of what your vehicle is worth. This lets you begin the selling process and complete it in a matter of days, all from the comforts of your home.

Personalised Services

A lot of local online dealers offer personalised services that are specifically tailored to your needs. This may include picking the car up from your home, which is especially beneficial if the car isn’t running, and providing consultations, or direct communication channels, to answer any questions you might have during the selling procedure.


Local online car dealers have become a viable and efficient alternative to traditional methods of selling automobiles. For those who own used, non-running, or MOT failure vehicles, these dealers offer a suite of advantages that simplify and enhance the selling experience. They offer a variety of benefits, from lower prices to easier processes and a greater commitment to the environment. If you want to sell such a vehicle it is best off considering an online dealer in your area.

Convenience, speed and ease of use

The most significant advantage of working with a local online car dealer is the ease of use it provides. Traditional methods of selling a car typically involve preparing the car for sale, promoting it in various media, interacting with potential buyers, and handling negotiations. This can be tedious and time-consuming if there are problems with your car, such as an engine failure. Local online car dealers simplify this process dramatically.

Security and Trust

Directly dealing with private buyers isn’t always a secure option. There are concerns regarding security of payments, scams that could be a possibility, and the general reliability of strangers. Local online car dealers generally have a good reputation, which you can verify by looking up reviews and testimonials. Transactions are handled professionally, and payment methods are safe to ensure that you get your money without risk. Furthermore, these dealers are often controlled by trade associations which add another layer of trust.

The advantages of selling your Non-Running or MOT Failed Instant car offer Online Using an online car dealer to sell your used, non-running, or MOT-failed car is a difficult process. In the current fast-paced world selling a car that isn’t running, or has failed the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test can be a difficult task. The traditional methods for selling cars are not always appropriate for vehicles that have significant problems. The advent of local online car dealers has revolutionized the selling of cars industry, giving car sellers numerous advantages. This article explores the benefits of utilizing an online dealer in your area to sell your used non-running, not running, or MOT-related vehicle that has failed.

No Repairs Required

Selling a car that is not running or has failed its MOT usually requires either making repairs to get it back on the road or selling it at a lower price. Local online dealers typically purchase cars “as they are.” This means you do not need to spend additional time or money for repairs. The dealer repairs the car for you or dismantles it to obtain parts, saving you the cost of additional investment.

Targeted Market Access

Local car dealers online specialize in the car market in a specific area. They understand the market demand for different car models, including those that are non-running or have failed their MOT. They can target the right buyers using their knowledge. These dealers employ targeted marketing strategies to target niche markets for your vehicle regardless of its condition model, make or age, etc.

Paperwork is streamlined

Handling the paperwork involved in selling a car can be complicated especially if the vehicle has issues such as an MOT issue. Local car dealers typically manage all the necessary paperwork that includes the transfer of ownership as well as registration and any necessary reports or forms pertaining to the condition of the car. This not only saves money but also ensures everything is handled according to local laws and regulations.

Environmental Considerations

A local online dealer is a great option to sell a non-running vehicle or one that has failed its MOT. This can be an environmentally sustainable option. Dealers have the capacity to reuse the parts of the car which are no longer needed and safely dispose of dangerous materials. This is particularly important, as consumer concerns about the environment are growing more prominent.


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