Children as young as FOUR are being hospitalised by vaping

Children as young as four are being hospitalised by vaping, official figures show.

The revelation comes amid an eight-fold rise in under-20s needing treatment for the habit.

NHS England said doctors have seen a 276 per cent surge in patients of all ages being admitted for vaping-related disorders since 2020.

But rates among those who are teens or younger have increased more than twice as fast over the same period, by 733 per cent.

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Youngsters accounted for just 6 in every 100 vaping-related admissions in 2020, rising to 14 in every 100 last year, according data released under Freedom of Information laws.

Health charities described the findings as ‘deeply worrying’ as they urged non-smokers not to take up vaping and called what can i watch trolls three on ministers to crack down on unscrupulous sellers.

Medics admitted 365 patients last year who had been harmed by vaping, of which 50 were children and 11 were under the age of five.

This is up from just six children in 2020, none of which were pre-schoolers.

It comes days after a voopoo drag 4 review by Public Health Wales recommended giving nicotine patches or gum to children addicted to vaping.

NHS Digital data, based on where can i watch the new trolls movie smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England survey for the year 2021, showed 30 per cent of children in Yorkshire and the Humber have used a vape shop missoula 

Teachers reported pupils suffering ‘cravings’ and ‘shaking’, leaving them unable to get through a single class without losing focus and needing a nicotine hit.

When can you smoke valerian loved this short article and you would like to receive details relating to generously visit the web site. Meanwhile, the Westminster government has announced it will ban e-electronic cigarette forum packaging and flavours that are attractive to kids in a bit to stop them developing a habit.

Rishi Sunak has previously said it is ‘ridiculous’ that vapes are promoted to children and he does not want his young daughters ‘seduced by these things’. pacha syn disposable vapes will also be outlawed, as they are more affordable to kids and a blight on the environment. 

Jonathan Grigg, a professor of paediatric respiratory medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said: ‘This increase in hospitalisations is a totally predictable consequence of the government’s decision 10 drops to ml allow a vaping free for all – with flavours designed to be attractive to children and young people and the disastrous assumption that vaping has little or no adverse health effects.’

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Sarah MacFadyen, head of policy and public affairs at Asthma + Lung UK, said the figures were ‘deeply worrying’.

She added: ‘Asthma + Lung UK emphasises our stance: it is already illegal to sell vapes to under 18s, and we strongly discourage non-smokers, especially children, from starting vaping.


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