Three Person Yoga Poses: A Guide to Trio Yoga Practices

Three Person Yoga Poses


Perhaps you’ve thought about what it would be like to improve your yoga skills. Three Person Yoga Poses could be just what you need if you want to improve your yoga practice in a way that is fun, difficult, and very rewarding. In this type of yoga, three people work together to make complicated poses that test their strength, balance, and ability to talk to each other. Let us dive into the world of three-person yoga and look at all of its poses and perks.

How to Begin Three Person Yoga Poses

How to Pick the Right Partners

Getting the right partners is the first step to a good three-person yoga practice. Because the practice involves close physical contact and teamwork, it’s important to pick people you trust and feel comfortable with. For a healthy and peaceful practice, your partners should ideally have about the same amount of yoga experience and physical fitness.

1 Setting up a safe place to be

In three-person yoga, safety is very important. Make sure you have a large space that is free of obstacles and has a surface that won’t slip. Using yoga mats or floors with padding can help keep you from hurting yourself when you fall. You should also practice in a well-lit space where everyone can see and hear each other well.

Why Communication Is Important

To get good at three-person yoga poses, you need to be able to talk to each other clearly. Talk about the steps and set clear cues for changes and adjustments before trying any pose. Communicating verbally and nonverbally throughout the practice will help keep everyone balanced and in sync with their actions.

Basic Yoga Pose for Three People

Here is the Triple Downward Dog:

The Triple Downward Dog is a great first pose because it helps you get stronger and more flexible while also encouraging you to work with others.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. Person A starts in the commonly known Downward Dog pose.
  2. Person B puts their hands on the ground in front of Person A and steps their feet on the lower back of Person A to make a second layer.
  3. Person C does it again, this time balancing while putting their feet on Person B’s lower back.

Advantages: – It makes the body, arms, and legs stronger.

  • Makes the hips and shoulders more flexible.
    – Helps with teamwork and balance.

The Three-Way Plank

This pose is great for everyone because it makes the core stronger and more stable.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. Start with Person A in a wrist plank.
    Two more planks are made when Person B puts their feet on Person A’s shoulders and their hands on the ground.
  2. Person C jumps on top of Person B and forms the third layer of the board.

Advantages: – It makes the core, shoulders, and arms stronger.

  • Helps with steadiness and balance.
    – Makes trust and conversation better.

Intermediate Pose for Three People

This is “The Triple Warrior III.”

This pose, Triple Warrior III, is a great way to improve your balance and leg power.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. Person A stands on one leg and makes a T shape with their other leg and arms stretched out.
  2. Person B puts their hands on Person A’s shoulders and straightens their leg out to the side, just like Person A did.
  3. Person C stands behind Person B and puts their hands on Person B’s shoulders. To finish the line, they extend their leg back.

Benefits: – Makes your legs, hips, and core stronger.

  • Makes your balance and agility better.
  • Helps you concentrate and focus.

The three-tiered backbend is the next move.

Everyone in this pose needs to be flexible and trust each other.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. The base is Person A, who starts in a Bridge pose.
  2. Person B does a backbend over Person A, putting their hands on the ground and feet on Person A’s hips.
  3. Person C climbs up on Person B’s hips and does a backbend, which makes the top layer.
  • It makes the chest, shoulders, and back more flexible.
  • Makes you stronger and more flexible.
  • Helps people trust and talk to each other.

Advanced Pose for Three People

1: The Human Pyramid

The Human Pyramid is a well-known acro yoga pose that shows off your strength, balance, and ability to work with others.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. People A and B get down on their knees next to each other and cross their arms.
  2. Person C lies on their back and stands up, making the pyramid’s top.
  3. To hold the pose, everyone must engage their core and keep their balance.

Advantages: – It makes the body, legs, and arms stronger.

  • Makes your balance and agility better.
    – Builds trust and teamwork.

1: The Flying Trio

This advanced pose is very rewarding, but it takes a lot of strength and balance.

How to Get into the Pose:

  1. Person A lay on their back with their legs raised to make a base.
  2. Person B puts their weight on Person A’s feet and holds their hands.
  3. Person C goes up on Person B’s shoulders to make the flying structure’s top.

Pros: – It makes your spine, legs, and arms stronger.
– Helps with steadiness and balance.
— Encourages trust and open conversation.

Safety Advice for Three-Person Yoga

“Seeing Each Other”

At least one person should always be there as a watcher to help and catch anyone who falls. This makes things safer and helps keep people from getting hurt.

Making Use of Mats and Props

Using yoga mats or floors with padding can protect you if you fall and give you a stable base for more difficult poses. Props like blocks and bands can also help you safely get into and stay in poses.

Abiding By Your Limits

Pay attention to your body and know what it can and can’t do. If a pose hurts or makes you feel bad, stop right away and make changes. It’s best to take things slowly and not push yourself or your friends too hard.

Advice on How to Do Well in Three-Person Yoga

Practice that is consistent

Stick with it, just like with any other kind of yoga. Strength, flexibility, and balance improve over time with regular practice. This makes it easier to get into and hold poses.

Keeping your strength and flexibility up

To keep your general strength and flexibility up, do other kinds of exercise and stretch every day. This will help you do better in yoga poses for three people.

Building Trust and Teamwork

To be successful, you need to build trust and work together. To strengthen your relationship with your partner, spend time outside of yoga learning how to talk to each other and work together.

Common Mistakes You Should Not Make

Not talking to each other enough

Misunderstandings and accidents can happen when people don’t talk to each other clearly. Before you try a pose, you should always talk about and agree on each step.

Overestimating Skills

If you try to do moves that are too hard, you could hurt yourself. As your strength and confidence grow, move on to more difficult poses. At first, start with simple positions.

Not paying attention to pain or discomfort

Do not ignore pain or suffering. Your body is telling you that something is wrong. If the pose hurts, change it or stop doing it to avoid getting hurt.

How to Make Three-Person Yoga Part of Your Daily Life

Finding the Best Place and Time

Pick a regular place and time to practice so that you can make it a habit. This helps keep you practicing regularly and makes the space feel relaxed and familiar.

When combined with other types of exercise

Yoga for three people can be done in addition to running, swimming, or strength training. Include it in your general workout plan for a well-rounded workout.

Making it a Fun Activity for a Group

Make doing yoga with a group a fun thing to do. Get your friends or family to join you, and use the time to get to know each other better while getting in shape.

Pros of Three Person Yoga Poses

Health Benefits

Stretching, strengthening, balancing, and coordinating better when done with three other people. It works out all of your muscles and gives you a full-body workout.

Benefits for your mind and emotions

Mindfulness is encouraged, stress is lowered, and mental focus is improved. The teamwork part helps people feel connected and helps each other out.

What Are the Social Benefits?

Doing yoga with other people makes connections stronger and creates a sense of togetherness. It lets you spend time with family and friends in a fun and dynamic way.


Three Person Yoga Poses is a fun and different way to get fit while also working on teamwork and communication. There’s something for everyone in this lively style of yoga, no matter how much experience you have. Get your friends together, find a safe place, and start exploring the amazing world of yoga with three people. What you can do together will amaze you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Three Person Yoga Poses good for people who are just starting out?
Yes, newbies can start with simple poses and work their way up to more difficult ones as they get stronger and more sure of themselves.

What Should I Wear for Yoga with Three People?
Wear clothes that are soft, stretchy, and let you move freely. Wear clothes that fit well and won’t get in the way.

How do I find other people to do yoga with?
You can find a partner among family, friends, or people in your yoga class. You can also meet people who like the same things you do by joining a neighborhood yoga community or group.

Can yoga for three people help you get more flexible?
Of course! Many of the poses in three-person yoga make you more flexible, especially in your shoulders, hips, and legs.

Are all three of you safe when you do yoga?
Even though three-person yoga is usually safe for most people, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different physical needs and limits. If you have any worries, you should always talk to a medical professional.


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