Influencer drowns after falling into reservoir while filming stunt

A Brazilian influencer died after falling into an enormous reservoir while filming an ambitious stunt for his fans in an accident investigators are calling ‘suspicious’.

On Tuesday, Diego Kaua Oliveira Santos, 20, slipped into Lake Salto Grande in the Brazilian municipality of Americana, where to watch trolls band together the social media star and his friends were hanging out and taking pictures.

Santos’ friends hurried to help him, but the influencer- whose Instagram almost 140,000 followers- was quickly swept away by the water.

Earlier in the day, Santos, who was also a musician, assured his followers that he would give them ‘something live’ during his sojourn at the artificial lake.

According to Brazil’s Public Security Secretariat, witnesses who were with Santos ‘tried to save the young man, without success’.

Diego Kaua Oliveira Santos, 20, slipped into Lake Salto Grande in the Brazilian municipality of Americana, where can i watch trolls 3 the social media star was planning on filming a stunt for his followers. Pictured: Santos in an image he uploaded to Instagram 

Witnesses attempted to save Santos but were unable to retrieve him from the water. He later drowned in a death that investigators have termed ‘suspicious’.  Pictured: Santos smiling in the company of women in skimpy bathing suits. The picture was uploaded to Instagram a week before his death

Unable to help the influencer, the witnesses ‘then called the Fire Department, which could not rescue the man alive’

‘The report was registered as a suspicious death at the 4th DP of Americana, where an expert report was requested and investigations into what can i watch trolls three on happened are ongoing’.

Civil police stated that Santos was recording content for his social media accounts when he died, according to The Sun.

Before drowning, the 20-year-old posted on pictures and videos to his accounts that showed him enjoying the company of his friends.

He told his many followers that he would go ‘live’ soon.

Santos was also a musician and many of his Instagram pictures show him recording music in a studio. He had 138,000 followers

Santos (far left) often uploaded pictures and videos that showcased him lounging around with women in skimpy bathing suits 

In one of the last pictures he uploaded to Instagram, Santos regarded the camera stoically while a woman in a bikini struck a sultry pose in front of him

Santos had a pronounced social media presence, and his Instagram featured pictures and videos of him driving cars, recording music, and posing with friends and scantily-clad women.

If you liked this article and you wish to get more details concerning generously go to our web site. The influencer launched his Instagram account in 2019, amassing tens of thousands of followers in little more than five years.

Fans were drawn by the Santos’s music and his lifestyle, which appeared to involve fast cars and adoring women. In some of his final posts to Instagram, the influencer could be seen lounging on a terrace in the company enduring elixir tears of the kingdom women in bikinis. 

In one video, posted only a few days before his death, Santos posed against a balustrade while four women in skimpy bathing suits ran their hands over his body and danced.

In his final video upload, the influencer was resting his head on a woman’s derriere. He could be seen smiling, exhaling geek vape fire locked smoke, and rapping along to a song. Another woman sat behind him and massaged his head.

Some of his songs included ‘Cavala’ and ‘Monamour’. Santos’s Threads account has almost 13,000 followers.

His Instagram bio noted that he was a singer and a songwriter.

A funeral for Santos was held at the Parque das Palmeiras Cemetery on Thursday, April 18. 

Hours after his death, Santos’s brother gained access to his Instagram profile, on which he thanked his brother’s fans for their support.

In the last video he posted on Instagram, Santos rested his head on a friend’s cheeky derriere

Santos (center) was also a musician whose songs are available on Apple Music and Spotify

Dovpo Topside Dual Review + MORE DOVPO DRAMA? ✌️🚭His brother said: ‘Good evening to all of you who were fans of Diego. This vape pen charger is green but pen is red his brother speaking. Today, we received sad news that he fell into the river and didn’t return. 

‘After one or two hours, they found the body… My brother why is my disposable vape hissing after i hit it dead. He passed away. I have his cell phone. I wanted to say thank can you bring vapes into concerts very much for the support you always gave him’.

The heartbroken brother characterized Santos as ‘a person who always motivated me to be like him, to seek success, not to be discouraged, to pursue my dream’. 

‘My brother supported me very, very, very much in this life, and I’m sure he’s in a good place’.


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