Everything you need to know about the Pièce d’or Vreneli, Vendre de L’Argent

The Swiss mint issued a currency from 1897 to 1949 that was otherwise known as the Vreneli.

These were gold coins that were used to exchange goods and services. One of the striking characteristics of Vreneli is its value which contains 90% of fine gold and 10% of copper.

An average Vreneli gold coin would have approximately 5.8 grams of pure gold. By the same formula, the face value of a Gold Vreneli coin is about 20 swiss francs, regarded as the most prestigious in the world.

If you have ever wanted to sell money, buy gold, or invest in a gold coin, then the worth of a Vreneli gold coin is probably not hidden from you in the market.

Why Pièce d’or Vreneli, Vendre de L’Argent ?

The most common benefit of owning a Vreneli gold coin is its economic stability. That is, it is not prone to rapid inflation and deflation rates in the economy due to numerous variables.

Furthermore, a striking feature of the Vreneli gold coin is that it features Helvetia, who is considered to be the face of Switzerland. This shows the value that Vreneli holds in terms of both political and economic terms.

Therefore, those on a modest budget believe that the Vreneli gold coin is one of the best investment options for them, and rightfully so.

Some people believe Vreneli to be Switzerland’s best and the least known gold coin. This makes it essential to gain all the necessary prior information about Vreneli before you try to sell, buy, or invest in it.

Final words

A pure and authentic Vreneli gold coin is 21 mm in diameter, and 1.25 mm in thickness, with a Fritz-Utyleese Laundry design inscribed with 22 stars on its edge.

The die alignment shows an opposite strike; its approximate weight is 6.45 grams, with 5.8 grams being pure gold.

Now that you have all the information about the Vreneli Gold coin, choose an authentic platform that gives you the correct value for money while trading your gold coins.


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