Raw Dog Food – Is It The Way To Go?

It is only necessary to look at the list of ingredients on a packet of dog food to see how full of unnecessary ingredients it contains. There are fillers, additives and meat with a questionable origin. With this in mind is it a good idea to think about changing our pet’s food habits to an organic food diet? Raw dog food is a controversial one, with many ardent supporters and a similar number of critics. What is it that is so appealing about the raw dog food that people are able to see and not approve of?

Argument FOR

The idea that dogs need an all-raw diet comes from looking at a dog’s food habits before they became domesticated. Should you loved this informative article and you want to receive more info concerning energeabc.com please visit the web site. Wild dogs were naturally able to catch prey and consume them in raw form. This is what dogs were physically meant to eat therefore it’s the right way to feed their pets. This is obvious when feeding your pet raw meat. They are more excited about it than supermarket pet food.

Many people also believe that a raw diet can have a beneficial impact on the health of a dog. This is due to the fact that most store pet food is laden with additives, preservatives and other ingredients that your dog was never intended to eat. This can play havoc with the digestive system of your dog and potentially result in allergies. One health concern that may be made worse by dog food that is generic is the issue of shedding. The wrong food can increase the amount of shedding, dandruff, and itchy skin on your dog.

Argument AGAINST

The opponents of a raw diet claim that domesticated dogs may not have the capacity of digesting raw foods like the wild animal does. This is due to the fact that they do not have the proper enzymes in order to break down the food in raw form. Likewise raw meat often contains bones that if the dog swallowed could get caught in the digestive tract, causing health issues.

In addition, the raw food diet seems to be discouraged among those who favor kibble due to the fact that raw food like bones may be harmful to the digestive tract.

At the end of the day, homemade food will always be superior to dog food purchased from a store, even if it is prepared and served raw. Raw meat is certainly safe for a dog to eat as long as bones are removed and you do not feed the pet pork. If you aren’t willing to go as far as feeding your dog raw meat then instead buy the highest quality dog food on the market.


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