Generally, a headache is defined as pain in your head or face that is described as a pressure that can be mild and irritating, throbbing, constant, or sharp. Headaches differ greatly with pain type, severity, location, and frequency of how often they occur.

Headaches could present with causes that may not be due to an underlying disease. Examples can be many like – lack of sleep, a wrong eyeglass prescription, stress, loud sounds, hunger, dehydration, toothache, tight headwear, etc.

Causes & Risks

Causes of headaches could be –

• A headache can result from signals interacting among the brain, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves. It can also be due to cold, toothache, any kind of stress, medications, diet, jaw issues, and illnesses of the ear, eye, nose, and throat.

• Multiple mechanisms activate specific nerves during a headache that affects muscles and blood vessels. These nerves send pain signals to the brain, causing a headache.

• Headaches can also get started by environmental factors shared in a family’s household, like – Consuming certain foods like alcohol, caffeine-rich, fermented foods, chocolate, and cheese.

• Exposure to allergens is another reason for headaches.

• Passive smoke.

• Strong odours from household chemicals or perfumes

Test & Diagnosis

Most people may not need special diagnostic tests. But if a person has headaches on and off, or if they are very severe, the doctor may suggest a CT scan or MRI to look for problems inside the brain that might cause your headaches.

• Headaches can be diagnosed with advanced diagnosis techniques.

• Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is a blood test that can detect any kind of inflammation.

• A minimally invasive test called ‘Digital subtraction angiography, uses X-ray and iodine contrast to produce pictures of blood vessels in the brain.

• The healthcare provider will complete a physical examination, and discuss the medical history, and the headache symptoms.

• An EEG also will be required unless the individual has fainted during the episode.

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