Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism encompasses a range of conditions impacting communication and socialization, characterized by challenges in transitions, heightened focus on details, and unique sensory responses.

Individuals with autism experience varying degrees of difficulty, with some achieving independence while others require lifelong assistance with daily tasks.

Finding employment and pursuing education can also be more challenging for those with autism.


• Difficulty in comprehending what others are thinking or feeling. People with autism often struggle to understand social cues and nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language.

• Experiencing excessive anxiety in social situations. Social situations can be overwhelming for people with autism, leading to increased anxiety and stress.

• Struggling to form friendships or preferring to be alone. People with autism may find it challenging to connect with others and may prefer to spend time alone rather than socializing.

• Finding it challenging to express one’s emotions. People with autism may have difficulty identifying and expressing their emotions, making it hard for others to understand how they are feeling.


  • There is currently no known cure for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which has an impact on social communication and interaction behavior.
  • There are numerous therapies available to control symptoms and enhance results, but each one has a different level of efficacy.
  • Customized treatments are essential, emphasizing the value of individualised methods.
  • Structured programs show potential in reducing symptoms associated with ASD.
  • Creating individualized treatment strategies requires expert evaluation and teamwork with professionals.
  • Having access to suitable therapies enables people with ASD to manage life more skillfully, highlighting the importance of tailored interventions.

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