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This is another one of the most beautiful and large mangal karyalaya hall In Pune. For booking, will help you to select the best marriage hall as per your budget. There is a wide parking space of about 7000 sq.ft. It has the ability to get more than two thousand people. This hall also available, if you need it for small any function events. You can select this hall for your upcoming event function. In-house venue decorator is also included.
The best option for your wedding in Mumbai is the “Senate Banquet, Nariman Point”. This Senate banquet hall also available for Birthday parties, get together, etc. You can book this hall from We provide you with a complete for your great wedding celebration. The best thing is that this weeding hall that according to your choice, you can choose outside decor that means outside decoration is allowed. The parking is about 8000 sq.ft that easily help you park your vehicle securely without any hurdle.
You can consider Nirmal bag Banquet hall if you are looking for banquet marriage halls in Pune. It is a beautiful hall that has an accommodation capacity of more than 600 guests for weeding or any other small function or party. Parking facility is huge and can easily park your vehicle. Air-conditioned rooms are available to stay for the guest.